BPP Music and Fine Art Inc. 蒙特利尔古筝,音乐教育,音乐治疗 - Music Education and Therapy
Butterfly Peacock Phoenix (BPP)
Music is a gift with the power to transform. It provides sight to distant times and places, living forever.

Welcome to BPP!
BPP Music Education is a Montreal-based music school with options for many age groups and levels of interest. Instruction and courses given cover both Chinese and western musical needs with instrumental instruction as central, extending to theory, ear-training, composition and sound-design for public and private music school entrance tests, university preparation, and on-going skills development.The focal point of the Chinese instrument lessons for guzheng erhu, pipa and yangqin is the preparation of students for the music standard grade examination of the Central Conservatory of Music of China in Beijing.

Music Therapy is the prescribeduse of music and musical activities for the purpose of restoring,maintaining and improving emotional, physical, physiological and spiritualhealth and well-being. Music Therapy treatment also addresses non-musicalgoals, therefore, previous musical ability is not needed in order for theindividual to benefit from Music Therapy treatment.

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