BPP Music and Fine Art Inc. 蒙特利尔古筝,音乐教育,音乐治疗 - Music Education and Therapy


Formally created in 2007, the Montreal-based BPP Music and Fine Arts was founded by two long-time committed educators in instrumental music, composition and theory, and music technology. BPP Music Therapy started in 2013 by an accredited music therapist with the goal of improving quality of life for people with special needs. 

Kevin Austin, President

Professor (Fine Arts, Concordia University), composer, teacher, theorist / writer, producer, arts administrator. His life has been one of connecting sounds together. To do this he has used traditional and electroacoustic compositions and sounds. Kevin Austin has been teaching and writing educational materials for more than 40 years. He brings this long history of teaching and course design into this integrated pre-university level multi-cultural school of music and sound.

Chih-Lin Chou, Vice-President

Music Therapy Accredited, Master in Music Therapy, music educator, guzheng performer, and the artistic director of the Canadian Association of Oriental Fine Arts (CAoFA) and the Gu-Zheng Ensemble of Montreal (GZEM). Since 2003 she has been working to present traditional and contemporary music to a mixed, but largely Chinese-Canadian audience in a concert environment. She has wished to find venues and ways of promoting a greater awareness of Chinese culture and the instrument, the guzheng, and this activity has found its fruits through her dedication to teaching, public performance, recording, commissioning of new pieces, and the on-going projects of the Oriented Towards Sound (OTS)  and Concerts inTime concert series. To encourage the local development of Chinese music and to raise the professional quality of performance in and around Montreal, she has been working with the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing), Chinese Instrumental Performance Grade Examination. Chih-Lin has incorporated the Central Conservatory Performance Grade Examinations into her teaching, and is the regional coordinator for these annual examinations.

Music Therapy Clinical Experiences:
Montreal Children Hospital
CSSS St-Margaret Residential Center 
Quebec Society For Disabled Children – 
Garderie Papillion
MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Center
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